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They bloom  when the TB are almost finish that way its possible to prolong the blooming season for iris.
They prefer full sun and  neutral to  alkaline soil,the rhizomes need to be planted  5-10 cm deep and watered well in autumn and spring,when they are established in the ground they are very tolerant to dry summers,in areas where the summers are very warm,the spuria  goes dormant and they dont like water in that time.

Spuria iris will grow and bloom better if they are fertilized in spring and autumn,its best with layer of manure round the stems or a balanced fertilizer ex 15-15-15 .

The spuria iris are very good to be planted in mixed borders because they can be left for up till 10 years before replanting,but ensure good space for increase,in 5 years they can easily spread 75cm.

Spuria can take 1-2 years before they flower after replanting!!

NOTE We only ship spurias in autumn when new growth have startede and  its medio October ,so if you order bearded iris and spuris  they will be shipped at  two different times.


You can click on the picture to see them in full size.
Please note the name/number is below the pictures.

HOW TO ORDER :Write the names/numbers of the iris you want, and send it to:  



 Belisinado    3,00€
This one is not so tall and flowers are smaller,but good veining and colours.

 Betty Cooper  3,00€   
Maybe the most easy of the spurias,good growth and flowers every year.

 Medalion    4,00€
Here in Vilosell,this one is the first to flower,and tall too with many buds .

 Mahogany Lord 5,00€ 
Good increase from this nice spuria , tall with big flowers.

 Seedling SPU14-2  2,00€ 
A nice spuria iris raised from seed,flowersize is medium.
 Red Oak    3,00€ 
Elixir  3,00€

 Honey Mocha Lotta 6,00€
This one has very large flowers.
Copper Trident  4,00€
Eleanor Hill 3,00€
Kiss of Caramel  5,00€
Pink Candles 5,00€
Remembering Vic 4,00€
Salmon Sunset 5,00€
Kalahari 4,00€

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